Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday, June 28, 2009

And so my year as Miss Washington County continues...

Sorry for not being able to update during Miss MD week, but it was extremely hechtic! I had a fabulous time-this being my 3rd year competing for the title I will have to say that this year was the best ever!!! There were 18 other talented, beautiful and intelligent young women. When we were together, we were complete goofballs & that is what made the week so memorable. I was blessed for the 3rd year to place as a Top Ten Semi-Finalist!! Not only was it an honor to represent Washington County and have all of the Miss and Teen contestants in my county to compete, but to place in the Top Ten! There is not one thing about this week that I would change. I know that I went into the week being the most prepared and ready that I ever have been. In all honesty, it wasn't even about the competition. Going into the week knowing that I had raised over $1200 for Children's Miracle Network was in the back of my head all week! I was lucky enough to have four wonderful Princesses: Sara and Madison(my niece) have been with me for all 3 years and this year Riley and Jessica were added to my "entourage". Jessica was the little girl who was at my Zumbathon as the Miracle Child for Washington D.C.

I had a wonderful week complete with an amazing cheering section, fabulously supportive friends and family and of course by finishing as a Top Ten Semi-Finalist!!

I look forward to the rest of my year as Miss Washington County 2009!

A special Congratulations goes to my sister and Miss Washington County's Outstanding Teen, Audi, as she finished as 3rd Runner Up to Miss Maryland's Outstanding Teen 2009!!

P.S. This picture was in the paper last Sunday. There was an article showcasing the local contestants competing!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Children's Miracle Network Update

I forgot to add in my last post that my current total for the year for Children's Miracle Network is $1,202.40 !!!

I am so excited and proud!


Let the fun begin!

Tomorrow is the big day! I just returned from the gym this morning. Now it is time to start packing, yes I haven't started packing yet! Ha Ha. I am getting very excited for everything to start. We move in tomorrow at 1 pm to the theatre. Then it is off to Sign-In Ceremony at the Valley Mall. There I will crown all four of my Princesses. I am so excited to crown my Princesses. Tonight I have an appearance for the Barbara Ingram School for the Arts. It is their Take Flight Gala. I am excited for that because it is a great opportunity. I have to try and have everything done before that.
Our opening number dresses were donated by The Red Carpet Prom out of Perryville, MD. Unfortunately they just arrived!! Needless to say my seamstress is on call and ready! Ha Ha.
I better go so that I can start packing! I will try to keep this updated during Miss MD week!

Hope to make Washington County proud!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

One week till Miss Maryland Week 2009!

Things have been extremely hechtic here since the Zumbathon...

Last week was all Miss Maryland preparations! We have a lot accomplished, but there is still a lot to do in the next 6 days...I had three appearances yesterday. I started the day off at the Walk Me Home event for Washington County Foster Care and Adoptive Children. It was such a nice morning, especially because Jaime Fox was there. She was Miss Maryland 1997-that was my first year ever being involved in the Miss Maryland Organization! It is so great how things have come full circle from her competing and I was just appearing on stage at the age of 7 for my dance company, to now I am a Miss titleholder! I was able to do some face painting that morning-I am NOT the greatest artist, but I will have to say that I was quite impressed with my fancy artwork! HA HA--thank goodness for the step-by-step how to book! After that I went to the Hagerstown Airport Aviation Museum's "Wings and Wheels". I was able to go up in a small plane for a ride--I was even able to fly the plane! :-) Then I presented 41 trophies for different awards they were giving out. It went very well and I had an experience of a lifetime! I finished up my Saturday at the LuHowl for the Humane Society of Washington County. The Luau theme was great--my mom made my outfit from fabric that was originally from Hawaii 30 years ago. There was great food, prizes, music and people. I met a lot of amazing people who became friends! Today I went to the "Kruisers for Kids" at the Washington County Ag Center. The money raised benefited 2 teenagers at Williamsport that have been diagnosed with Ewings Sarcoma. It was a very well-organized event that had everything you could possibly think of. I mingled with the large crowd for most of the day-even got to ride a horse & attempt to climb a rock wall. It was also back to face painting for about an hour and a half!

I had a fabulous weekend, but I am also excited to be sitting down for a few minutes before it's back to Miss MD prep! One week! :-)



P.S. For the year, I have raised over $1000 for Children's Miracle Network!!